Saturday, May 30, 2009

Burke is all about the money!

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Brian Burke will not hesitate to spend to the league salary cap this year.

Most notably he said that he will have little interest in the Sedins but also said he refuses to talk about other teams players.

When the subject of Jay Bouwmeester came up however that was a different story.

In other news the reason Jonas Gustavsson has not signed is do to his mothers passing. There is word coming out that he could make his decision next week (<----- Yeah right heard that before)

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gustavsson in Toronto

This from the same source who told me about Bozak, he has said that the Leafs have all but signed UFA G Jonas Gustavsson to a deal I don't have terms of the deal but it could be announced Monday at the latest Tuesday.

I will keep everyone posted.

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UPDATE: I know I said he would be signed last week but it did not come to fruition apparently he has decided to give it another week. He should be making his decision by this Friday and the Leafs are still the front runners at this point.

UPDATE: So I now finally have some more info for you guys apparently there are some family issues with Jonas right now(I believe his mother is sick) but according to Al Strachan he should be in Toronto this week and then Colorado next week. According to Strachan the Leafs are the team to beat right now and have him pretty much locked up but do to the fact Gustavssons agent has said that he will be doing tours of 4 cities it could still take a week to sign him.

The 4 teams that I am hearing are Toronto(The favorite at this point), Dallas, Colorado, and San Jose. <---------- This one makes no sense to me Nabby always plays 75 games and I really think SJ has no chance of signing him. Apparently Gustavsson met with Leaf legend Borje Salming and Mats Sundin and they both have told him about the great atmosphere that playing in Toronto brings. Thankfully for Leaf fans the other 3 teams don't have legends like us to sway this young kids mind.

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