Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leafs VS Stars (3-4)

The Leafs will look to continue there winning ways tonight against the Dallas Stars, starting in net tonight will be Jonas Gustavsson who will also look for his 2nd win. Should be a great game.

1st Period: Wow! The Leafs make it out of the 1st period without letting in a goal, Gustavsson looks good again which is very promising for the Leafs. The Leafs also managed to not allow a shot on goal for the final 14 minutes of the game. The Leafs are obviously building on something.

Toronto Goals: No Scoring

Dallas Goals: No Scoring

2nd Period: I have to ask why it took Toronto so long to start gelling with eachother? They have looked so good in the last 3 games, and everyone I talk to believes they deserved a better fate against the Canucks. Toronto was so BAD! in its first 8 games and now they look like a team that should be on top of standings. Anyways lets hope the effort is there for the 3rd.

Toronto Goals: #41 Nikolai Kulemin

Dallas Goals: #91 Brad Richards

3rd Period: Dissapointing 3rd that's all I have to say!

Toronto Goals: #12 Lee Stempniak
#41 Nikolai Kulemin

Dallas Goals: #91 Brad Richards
#63 Mike Rebeiro

Overtime: Can you blame Gustavsson for being upset? That was a terrible effort by the Leafs and especially Kulemin......Neal was his man and he wasn't doing his job.

Dallas Goal: #18 James Neal

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Monday, October 26, 2009

LeafsVS Ducks (6-3)

Will the Leafs finally get out of there slump tonight? Will Jonas Gustavsson give a game stealing performance? If The Leafs lose again will there finally be a bit of player movement? Lots of questions surrounding the Leafs and from what I am hearing the latter question may be answered as soon as tomorrow.

1st Period:OH MY GOD!! The Leafs are finally taking a lead into a new period........My question is where have these leafs been this season? Awesome goaltending, and great special teams have contributed to a solid effort by the Leafs so far.

Toronto Goals: #84 Mikhail Grabovski
#9 Niklas Hagman

Anaheim Goals: #17 Petteri Nokelainen

2nd Period: Besides one sloppy penalty by Orr this was also a solid period for the Leafs, Gustavsson has made 2 "HUGE" saves in this game and continues to look very strong. Hagman, and Stempniak are the Leafs best players after Gustavsson and I really hope this is a sign of better things to come.

Toronto Goals: #9 Niklas Hagman

Anaheim Goals: #9 Bobby Ryan

3rd Period: Hagman was brilliant, and so was Kaberle, Stempniak, and Gustavsson.......The Leafs were finally the team Burke was hoping they would be in this one. Now off to Dallas lets hope we keep it going.

Toronto Goals: #12 Lee Stempniak
#15 Tomas Kaberle
#9 Niklas Hagman

Anaheim Goals: #10 Corey Perry

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Friday, October 23, 2009


I do apologize for my lack of blogging lately! I have been very busy some family issues, I will be blogging on the game against the Canuck's on Saturay.

Also I am still waiting for entries for the "Design The Leafs Crazy Rumors Website" where you can win a Leafs Jersey, as I said I will need you to send the admin password an username to me after you create it.

I am however going to be closing the contest in a week if I don't get any entries in the coming days.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colorado VS Toronto (4-1)

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving its nice to be back for tonights game, the Leafs are coming off 5 straight TERRIBLE performances they will finally look for a win tonight against the Avs. There are 3 line up changes for tonights game including the healthy scratches of Matt Stajan and Niklas Hagman, replacing them will be Tyler Bozak and Viktor Stalberg. Joey MacDonald will get the start in net.

1st Period: Wow I don't know what to say anymore about this team, even when they outplay the other team they can't score. MacDonald was way to far back in his net on the 2nd goal, and every line but the Bozak line is playing terribly again. I really hope for some change if this continues and I don't mean by calling up rookies.

Toronto Goals: No Scoring

Colorado Goals: D Brett Clark
F David Jones

2nd Period: I have to think something will happen tomorrow if this team can't come back and win this game. You would have to think that Burkie is getting fed up with the terrible performance by Komisarek! Something has got to give I dodn't think I would ever see the Leafs this bad, I was wrong very wrong! Toronto needs a serious wake up call and that may come through trade or in sending down some underachieving veterans.

Toronto Scoring: D Francois Beauchamin

Colorado Scoring: F Darcy Tucker
D JM Liles

3rd Period: Will the real Toronto Maple LEafs please stand up......This was a terrible game. I thought Burke built us a winner? So far this team is 100% worse than last year and there doesn't seem to be any chance of that changing in the near future. Something needs to give here whether it be a trade or someone sent down there needs to be a serious shake up.

Toronto Goals: No Scoring

Colorado Goals: No Scoring

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Senators VS Leafs (2-1)

With the Leafs having two very poor defensive showings in there last 2 games it will be nice to see if they can correct that in front of whoever starts in net on Tuesday (My bet is on Gustavsson) at home to the Senators. The Leafs offense has been great and if they hadn't of run into two very good goaltenders maybe that game would have been different (The Leafs outshot Montreal and Washington) Lets hope for our 1st win on the year.

1st Period: Really good 1st for the Leafs, they outshot the Sens 8-7. Gustavsson looked good and the Leafs seem to be having a better game in front of him. I would say its sad but truth be told its not, Toskala had his chance and he has done nothing to grab onto it. Lets hope for more of the same in the 2nd.

Toronto Goals: No Scoring

Ottawa Goals: No Scoring

2nd Period: I don't know what to say, I feel so bad for Gussy. He is giving it his all and is really keeping the Leafs in the game. They seem to have fallen off the NHL pace and are playing at an OHL level. I really hope Wilson digs into them.

Toronto Goals: No Scoring

Ottawa Goals: #10 Sean Donovan
#11 Daniel Alfredsson

3rd Period: The Leafs lost this game in the 2nd period that is obvious. I feel bad for Gussy like I said he played a phenomenal game tonight and is the only reason the Sens didn't get 12 goals tonight. The one plus for the Leafs on the offense was Matt Stajan who has played like a man possessed so far this season. I really hope the effort gets better or it looks like those picks could be top 10 for Boston.

Toronto Goals: #14 Matt Stajan

Ottawa Goals: No Scoring

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Toronto VS Washington (4-6)

Tonight, the Leafs travel to Washington to face the great Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals in their home opener. Vesa Toskala will get the start, Jeff Finger will replace Garnet Exelby in the lineup on the 3rd defensive pairing and Jamal Mayers will be replace Jay Rosehill on the 4th line. Look for a more tight checking, defensive effort tonight. If that does not happen, No. 8 will light up the scoreboard numerous times.

1st Period: How did Toskala survive this period............. Seriously I can't believe Wilson is letting this go on. I truly hope the Leafs perform better than this in the 2nd period.

Toronto Goals:

Washington Goals:
Brooks Laich
Alex Ovechkin
Mike Knuble

2nd Period: WOW!!! That's all I have to say Gustavsson looks good, none of the goals he has let in are his fault......The D has been shaughty all night long. The offense is dry and I am hoping that this loss spells the end for Toskala. Hey here's to hoping for one of our miracle comebacks that were so frequent last season.

Toronto Goals: Lee Stempniak

Washington Goals:
Alex Semin
Brendan Morrisson
Alex Semin

3rd Period: Really good 3rd for the Leafs, but why couldn't they play like that through the whole game is the question? They made it close and Jonas played really solid. I would expect him to get the start against the Senators on Tuesday. All in all I would say despite the HORRIBLE play from Toskala and some of our D this was a good effort from the Leafs as they once again ran into a hot goaltender.

Toronto Goals:Alex Ponikarovsky
Alex Ponikarovsky
Niklas Hagman

Washington Goals:

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Canadiens VS Leafs (4-3)

Were back everyone thank God I really hope everyone had a great season, I truly feel this will be the year the Leafs get over that hump and make the playoffs. The team is better on the backend we have speedier wingers and a lot more physicality to work with this season. It truly will be an exciting season for all of us Leaf fans.

1st Period: Really good first by the Leafs, the Blake-Stajan-Stalberg line really dominated. It really was an unfortunate penalty that Komisarek took, and you would think the refs would have made up for it! So many missed calls there I almost had a stroke. Should be a good 2nd period.

Toronto Goals: Alexei Ponikarovsky

Montreal Goals: Brian Gionta

2nd Period:

Toronto Goals: Matt Stajan

Montreal Goals: Travis Moen

3rd Period:

Toronto Goals: Matt Stajan

Montreal Goals: Glen Metropolit

OT Period: Come on are you serious how do the Leafs lose the game with 46 shots?????? I have it on good authority that Gustavsson will get the start in Washington. This was a very bad result for a team that deserved a better fate.

Montreal Goal: Josh Gorges

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