Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thrashers VS Leafs (3-4)

Deveaux may not play due to a puck in the foot at practice. Curtis Joseph will get the start tonight and on Thursday against the Sabres. Wilson is trying to get him going after a 0-4 start to the season with a dreadful 4.12 GAA. I think this is the right move as Toskala has not been the goalie we have wanted him to be with exception of 3 or 4 games.

1st Period: Very uneventful 1st period. The leafs came out slow and had two shifty goals scored on them. But after the first 7 minutes, they began to play better, and really shut down the Atlanta offense. Good start despite the score.

2nd Period: Cujo is playing great like I said. Leafs are putting forth a far better effort then they did in the first. Should be an entertaining third.

3rd Period: Bah! I can't believe that went in I also think there may have been a little slew foot in there as well from Christenson that went un-noticed. Here we come OT!

OT: Pavel Kubina with a rocket and game over great job by Joseph and you truly have to feel good for him.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back In The Saddle: Leafs VS Caps (1-4)

I may have said it before but I hope everyone had a great holiday and got everything they wanted but now that's in the past and its time to play hockey again.

We have the Leafs and Caps tonight and it should be something of an enigma because if the Leafs win it will again be confusing to me and other Leaf fans why they can beat the best in the east but not the worst (I.E. Islanders) The Leafs continue to take points from teams they shouldn't be beating and losing to ones that are far lower in the standings then they are. I think this is something that has been going on for a while now and hopefully it won't continue. Toskala for the Leafs who will look to regain his performance after to terrible outings and Johnson for the Caps who will look to continue his success against the Buds. Also no Matt Stajan coould be gone for a week or 2 after a freak eye incident at practice on Sat. Jamal Mayers will be back in the lineup so that's......................... Nevermind he is useless LOL! Happy New Year!

1st Period: Very exciting 1st period a whole 8 minutes without a play stoppage and then the goal which was just a beautiful shot by Hagman. The 2nd period has been very unlucky for the Leafs lately but hopefully Toskala can keep up that stellar play he was giving in the 1st.

2nd Period: Man I take back what I said about Toskala he has been letting in suspect goals all season long and its really to bad that he hasn't been able to find the form he had last season at this time. Ron Wilson really needs to stop codling him and give him some time off. I realize that Joseph can't fit that role but Pogge can and should. Ovechkin should have never scored that goal but once again as I said Toskala let in another suspect goal.

3rd Period: And McGiveAway strikes again Tomas Kaberle has been terrible all season long and continues to be a give away machine all year. I think he needs to be moved and the sooner the better if Toronto has any hope of saving this season.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to say that I hope everyone got what they wanted.

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Monday, December 22, 2008


I forgot to mention that during this week I will not be doing any game blogs as it is the Christmas season and I really don't have any time. I will however be keeping the win/loss column here on the page up to date.

So I hope everyone has a happy holiday and gets everything they want.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Leafs Re-Call Pogge

The Maple Leafs have re-called rookie netminder Justin Pogge from there AHL farm team the Toronto Marlies.

As I 1st reported a few weeks back this was bound to happen as I believe that Curtis Joseph is truly not suited to back up the Leafs anymore. However this happened for 2 reasons 1: Toskala suffered a groin pull in the 7-3 win over Pittsburgh and 2: Burke already claimed that Pogge would get some NHL playing time this year.

So despite Toskala I think this was bound to happen anyways. I fully expect he will get his 1st NHL start tomorrow against the Atlanta Thrashers.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Leafs VS Penguins (7-3)

Should be a good game between the to the Leafs are 5-1-1 against the Atlantic Division and will look to rebound from a horrific game against the Bruins. The Leafs have good news and bad news as they will be without Van Ryn who is out with a concussion but will regain one of there top scorers in Hagman. They will also have Frogren on the backend. It will be Toskala VS Fleury tonight.

1st Period: Great 1st by the Leafs tonight far better performance by the Buds something that they really needed. Jonas Frogren has been a machine tonight and is playing really well. Nice to see Jeremy get his 4th in 5 games he is also playing well. Lets hope the Leafs are as good at protecting a lead as they are at coming back from a deficit.

2nd Period: Great job by the Leafs tonight every chance the Pens get is being shut down by the buds. Great job by Deveaux to not get sucked into a fight with Eric Goddard. The Leafs are the best team in the NHL when it comes to playing in the 3rd even though that didn't show in the game against Boston. The Leafs will look to continue that dominant play in the 3rd.

3rd Period: The Leafs truly dominated this game and really deserved to win tonight Hagman had a great game and so did Frogren. The Leafs play Atlanta and Dallas next something that could truly put them back in the playoff hunt. Lets hope for a good stretch of games.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

EA Sports Does It Again

While this may be a tad late once again EA's NHL 09 has won Best Team Sports Game at this years VGA's.

I have this game and I can tell you that it was well deserved great graphics and there are some unbelievable game modes to play in this years version. Here's to hoping they break the mold with NHL 10.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Leafs VS Bruins (5-8)

The Leafs will play a team where they hold the title of being the only team to beat them at home the Boston Bruins. Vesa Toskala will make his 10th straight start against a redhot Phil Kessel (14 game point streak now) The Leafs will be without Niklas Hagman and Jonas Frogren, Hagman is expected to play on Saturday. Should be a good game as the Leafs will look to continue there momentum into a 4th straight win.

1st Period:The Leafs started slow and Toskala can't really be blamed for the goals that were scored on him. Nice to see Cujo get some minutes in what will be more than likely his last season in the NHL. The Leafs definitely out played the Bruins in the 2nd half of the 1st and will look to continue that in the 2nd period. Nice fight by Deveaux he really got some nice haymakers in there on Thornton and a really nice goal by Kubina to make it a one goal game.

2nd Period: Looked like the game was done but the Leafs roared back and made the game close. Lets not forget the leafs are the highest scoring team in the third period, should make it exciting

3rd Period: What's to write here the Leafs were drubbed in the 3rd period and both Toskala and Cujo had HORRIBLE games (both allowed 4 goals a piece). Despite the fact the Leafs outshot the Bruins the Leafs showed no signs of a winner in this game and only made it close because of lackluster play by Tim Thomas in the 1st 2 frames. Manny Fernandez came in and shut the door on the Leafs and there chances of a comeback but there were 2 instances where there were 2 very suspect calls and to me that was a large contributor to this game. I truly feel some games are decided by reffing and this one was in the 3rd. But despite that the Leafs truly did not deserve to win and they didn't they will look to rebound on Saturday against the Penguins another team they have had seemingly no luck against. (In other quick news Mike Van Ryn did not play the 3rd due to an undisclosed injury)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BREAKING RUMOR: Leafs Looking At Clowe

According to one of my more reliable sources the Toronto Maple Leafs have had light discussions with the San Jose sharks about forward Ryan Clowe. I don't have any more info then this but as soon as I get some I will post it here.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Devils VS Leafs (2-3)

Once again Vesa Toskala will go for the Leafs in this one and ex Toronto Maple Leaf Scott Clemmenson will go for the Devils. The Devils have been playing some great hockey despite the loss of Martin Brodeur and will look to continue the trend against the Buds who are still without Jonas Frogren and Niklas Hagman. Wilson will go with same lineup from the win against Buffalo.

Stay here for my after game blog

Bang up game from the Leafs tonight Jeremy Williams is going know where after tonight he has 3 goals in as many games and Jamie Sifers is a plus player as well.

I really don't have much to say about Vesa Toskala he has truly TURNED IT UP! He is playing like we were expecting him to at the beginning of the season but he got out of the gate slowly. The Leafs will look to continue there winning ways with a very difficult test against the Bruins Thursday.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stralman out Sifers to stay?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have sent D Anton Stralman to the Toronto Marlies of the AHL. Staying in his place will be rough and tough D Jamie Sifers who has been rock solid since being re-called a week ago.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Leafs VS Sabres (2-1)

Should be a terrific game as I reported last night Van Ryn will play however it looks like Jonas Frogren will get another MRI done just to make sure there isn't any further injuries. Toskala for the Leafs and Miller for the Sabres.

1st Period: Really shouldn't be 1-0 at all after a missed high stick on Matt Stajan. The Leafs look fine and Vesa looks fantastic after that amazing save. Lets hope for a Leaf goal in the 2nd to tie things up.

2nd Period: Vesa Toskala and Jeremy Williams have been the reason the Leafs best players tonight. But the penalty kill has been brilliant and it has to stay that way after Stempniak took the 4 minute major at the end of the 2nd. I truly believe that Williams has to stay on this team as Greg Millen put it all he does is score.

3rd Period: Terrific finish for the Leafs tonight and they really dominated after the 4 min PP that Buffalo had. Great goal by Ian White it goes to show that shooting the puck is never a bad idea.
The Leafs really deserved this win and I really hope that Burke does not return Williams to the AHL.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mike Van Ryn To Return Against Sabres

The Toronto Maple Leafs will welcome back D Mike Van Ryn to the lineup tomorrow against the Buffalo Sabres. Van Ryn has missed 2 months with a concussion/ broken hand. Van Ryn will bring a much needed boost to the Leafs D core something they desperatley need with the absence of Luke Schenn.

Jonas Frogren will be a game time decsion.

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Leafs Have Assets To Move

The Maple Leafs might be struggling this season, but that doesn't mean they lack the talent other teams covet.

According to the Toronto Star, Leafs GM Brian Burke has trading options, including forwards Nik Antropov, goalie Vesa Toskala and defenseman Tomas Kaberle.

The Star claims Antropov, who is in the final year of his contract, will likely be traded before the March 4 trade deadline, while teams inquired about Kaberle's availability at this week's board of governors meetings.

Kaberle has a no-trade clause and Burke told The Fan590 radio station yesterday that he hasn't been looking to move the star blueliner. However, several reports suggest the Leafs will consider dealing Kaberle later on this season and Kaberle is apparently prepared to accept a move.

An area in which Burke might be successful is acquiring draft picks and prospects. The Star suggests the Leafs have the cap space to add another team's high-priced flops if they're packaged with a high draft pick.

The paper also reports the Leafs are likely to call up top prospect goalie Justin Pogge in the coming weeks and he'll be given a shot to play on a regular basis.

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Courtesy TheFourthPeriod.com

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NHL 09 Code Released

Today RBK and EA Sports announced the launch of the NHL 09 3rd jersey code so here it is every one.

Code: xe6377uyrwm48frf

Monday, December 8, 2008

Islanders VS Leafs (2-4)

Wow two very bad teams will go at it tonight as they look to get themselves into a better draft position I guess. VESA WILL PLAY AGAIN!! I can't believe this Toskala needs a break and Wilson is not being very accomodating to him. Joey McDonald will go for NY someone who is also playing to many games IMO. Anyways no Schenn no Hagman and Williams and Sifers will play in the place. (Sifers NHL debut)

1st Period:
  • Leafs: Nik Kulemin
  • Islanders: Bill Guerin
Pretty good 1st but once again the Leafs MO was killed when Vesa let in the 1st shot on goal against the Leafs. Great hit by Ryan Hollweg and I love the energy he and Deveaux bring to this teams. Jeremy Williams should be on this team fulltime he looks really good out there. Joey McDonald looks good but he also looks unsure a bit to.

2nd Period:

  • Leafs: Ian White and Jason Blake
  • Islanders: Mike Sillinger

Far better effort then we've seen in the last few games from the Leafs. While I do believe they were fatigued I don't think that should ever be used as an excuse for a loss. The Leafs had plenty of chances to ramp up there game against Pheonix and SJ and just failed to do so. As for this game the Islanders are kind of giving the game to the Leafs but its also been a great effort from all the Leafs.

3rd Period:
  • Leafs: Jeremy Williams
And the kid scores again he holds the record that I feel will never be broken he has scored in every game when being called up. Anyways great game by the Leafs tonight although it was the Islanders they were facing . Toskala and the Leafs all gave a solid effort.

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Leafs Re-Call 2

The Toronto Maple Leafs have re-called D Jamie Sifers and F Jeremy Williams from the AHL Toronto Marlies due to the injuries of Niklas Hagman and Luke Schenn.

Schenn will miss 2 weeks while Hagman is day to day.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Capitals VS Leafs (2-1)

The Leafs are desperate for a win but it won't be easy against the fast, high scoring team that they are playing tonight the Washington Capitals. Brent Johnson will go for the Caps and while I don't agree with it Toskala will go for the Leafs. The Leafs will ice the same lineup they did in Pheonix.

1st Period: No goals obviously very meh 1st and not much action. The Leafs look very poor again.

2nd Period: Wow! Just Wow! The Leafs look terrible tonight and its showing with the exception of Toskala who is keeping the Leafs in it. Bad news for the Buds with Schenn and Hagman getting injured although Hagman may come back. Schenn will not return after going knee on knee with Ovechkin. Leafs need a solid effort in the 3rd and Wilson needs to stop shuffling the lines so much. Its hard to find chemistry if you always have someone knew on your wings or in the center position.

3rd Period: Another poor effort another Leaf loss! At the beginning of the season we were promised a tough team and so far that has not been the case we have a weak defence and no goaltending to speak of so far this season. With Luke Schenn out I don't care of Burke has said no trades he may be forced to make one.

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Nonis Officially Hired

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced Saturday that Dave Nonis has been named senior vice president of hockey operations.

"David Nonis brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our hockey staff," said Leafs President and General Manager Brian Burke in a statement. "We have successfully worked together in the past, and he has a deep understanding of contractual, legal and financial matters as well as scouting and roster management. He'll be an asset to our organization in several areas."

Nonis, 42, worked under Burke for six years as the Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations for the Vancouver Canucks before replacing him in 2004.

He was most recently was the Anaheim Ducks' senior advisor of hockey operations.

In three seasons in the general manager's role in Vancouver, his most significant transaction was trading forward Todd Bertuzzi in a package to the Florida Panthers for goaltender Roberto Luongo at the conclusion of his first season.

Nonis joined the Canucks in 1998 as senior vice president, director of hockey operations after serving four seasons as the NHL's manager of hockey operations. With the NHL, Nonis helped craft the 1994 Collective Bargaining Agreement and worked with the league's arbitration team

Courtesy TSN

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Leafs VS Coyotes (3-6) Nonis offered a position?

The Leafs will be looking for a far better start tonight against Mikael Tellqvist and the Coyotes. This will mark the 1st time Mikael has played against his former (Who selected him in the 3rd round) since the trade that sent him to Pheonix for Tyson Nash. Leafs will counter with (IMO a very tired) Toskala.
Ron Wilson has split his 1st line for the 1st time in over 11 games it will be newcomer Lee Stempniak playing with Stajan and Antropov while Ponikarovsky will play with Moore and Blake.

1st Period: Pretty good 1st the refs seem to have heavy whistles in this game Martin Hanzal had a good goal and then a lucky one that Stralman knocked into the net. Poni looks good with Blake and Moore and it seems that Wilson has found some chemistry between the 3 of them. I look for a solid 2nd.

2nd Period: I agree with Wilson when he said that there were a lot of suspect calls in the 2nd throughout most of this game. Its real sad to see the referees deciding a game something that has happened a lot in the NHL the last few years and not just to the Leafs. Good for Hanzal to get his 1st career hat trick and Poni is having a good game as well and its nice to see Blake contributing for a change. should be an interesting 3rd Tellqvist looks extremely shaky in the net right now something the Buds need to take advantage of for sure.

3rd Period: Ah ha ha ha ha!! What a joke of a 3rd period to lose by this much to the Phoenix Coyotes is just so sad. I truly believe Brian Burke has to make a move here before the 9th because this team is just not gelling at all with the exception of one line. It won't get any easier the Leafs play the Caps on Saturday.

The Source

Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke has made an attempt to strengthen his front office, offering Dave Nonis the position of Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations.

The offer was made Thursday morning, however Nonis hasn't accepted the position yet, and negotiations are ongoing.

A decision is expected by the weekend.

Nonis worked under Burke for six years as the Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations for the Canucks before replacing Burke in 2004.

In three seasons in that role, his most significant transaction was trading forward Todd Bertuzzi to the Florida Panthers for goaltender Roberto Luongo at the conclusion of his first season as GM.)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leafs VS Sharks (2-5)

No Mayers as he broke his hand in last nights game in attempt to hit someone along the boards. Deveaux and Sifers will play and White will move back up to forward. (For those of you who don't know Sifers was re-called on Sunday and he will play on D tonight) Should be Toskala to get the start but it could be Cujo I don't know yet but I will let you know when I do.

This game has been a complete disgrace for the Leafs especially for Tomas Kaberle he is completely gone and seems all but lost without Bryan McCabe I truly feel his time is up in Toronto and he needs to be moved, I'm sure Burke is thinking the same thing because he just has not been performing well all season and has been guilty of some horrible giveaways especially in tonights game against the Sharks. (mind you the rest of the players didn't play any better) The Leafs were done in the 1st period if this game and they did not deserve to win at all. Lets hope for a far better performance in Pheonix on Thursday.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Leafs VS Kings (3-1)

I won't be able to do a period by period blog anymore because I have switched to nights at my place of employment so I will be doing these after work but it will still be the full game I will give the goal scorers for each period and then I will give my analysis.

(UPDATE: Leafs and Burke have asked permission to speak with Dave Nonis about possibly becoming the Assistant to Burke.)

Great game by the Leafs tonight Toskala played another really solid game and Jeff Finger was terrific and is starting to show why he was worth that 14,000,000 bucks. Jason Blake looked a little better but I still don't think he works here and will still more than likely be put on waivers or moved.

Frolov had a terrific goal in the 1st and really did look like it would stand up for the rest of the game until the awesome penalty kill at the end of the 2nd period by the Buds that really turned the game around. Matt Stajan and Mikael Grabovski had beauty goals in the 3rd that really sealed the deal for the Leafs. Jeff Finger added an empty netter to finish it off. Good game tonight!

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Flyers VS Maple Leafs (2-4)

Flyers are on a 7 game win streak and will look to continue that trend against Brian Burkes Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. I am hearing Marty Biron for the Flyers and Toskala for the Leafs. Andre Deveaux will be playing tonight as well. Should be a good game and I see the Leafs players being fired up for this one with the new boss in town and this essentialy being an audition to stay a Leaf.

1st Period: Period started slow for the Leafs but they did a little better in the later stages nice to see Stempniak get his 1st goal with the Leafs. I didn't like the Philly goal and I feel it should have been goalie interference as the Flyer player flew over Toskala and smoked him in the head with his legs. Should be a good 2nd period.

2nd Period: Great job by the Leafs in the 2nd to really ramp it up goals by Antropov and a beauty by Moore on a breakaway, a little bit of a breakdown that led to the 2nd Philly goal. But the Leafs didn't quit and are still attacking the Flyers down low something have been good at in most of there games. Its nice to see Burke has some reaction to his new team when they score or don't score. The 3rd will be run and gun I hope.

3rd Period: ABSOLUTELY DYNAMITE GAME! The Leafs were great tonight and really deserved to win its funny to note that last year at this time Toskala really started to play well. He sure did prove that he is no sham and that even a bad start can be turned around. The Leafs were solid on the PK tonight and did a great job keeping the Flyers to the outside. Monday they play the Kings should be a good game.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Maple Leafs call 2pm presser for Saturday

Ok so its not exactly breaking news but yes it is official Brian Burke will be named GM and President of the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday. He has 6 year $18,000,000 contract in his hand and he will be looking for full autonomy over all preceidings that have to do with Toronto Maple Leafs.

I spoke with Interim GM Cliff Fletcher today over the phone and he told me "I'm excited for the Leafs, he is someone who will move the organization in the right direction and I'm glad I got a 6 month head start on the process"

I really enjoyed all the moves Fletch has made thus far and I hope that he can stay on as some sort of consultant. As well as Burke coming into the organization look for Dave Nonis to be named Asst, GM in the coming days.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Leafs Vs Senators (1-2)

2nd verse same as the 1st and with that we have round 2 of the battle of Ontario between the Leafs and Senators. The Leafs took the 1st game and with Lee Stempniak looking to make an impact and youngster Andre Deveaux looking to take someone's head off (Chris Neil) This should be a great game and perhaps another win for the Leafs. (UPDATE: BRIAN BURKE HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN GIVEN A CONTRACT BY MLSE)

1st Period: Really up and down period for the Leafs nice to see Kulemin score again. I think the Leafs need to work on there fore check a bit as they seem to be lacking in that department. Deveaux looks good and its nice to see him chirping off at the lips to the Sens. Should be a good 2nd the Leafs have about 1:30 left on their PP.

2nd Period: The Leafs gave a solid effort in the 2nd but need to convert on their PP opportunities. Toskala is having a much better game and I really am enjoying the effort he is giving. I hope Stempniak can pot a goal and Deveaux looks great as I said in the 1st. Lets hope for a terrific 3rd.

3rd Period: Blah! The Leafs had plenty of opportunity to win the game in this period and they couldn't capitalize on there chances.

OT: Great very fast paced but once again the Leafs didn't make the most of there chances.

SO: To bad for Stempniak I thought he made a great move the Senators identified Toskalas weakness and to advantage. Brian Burke will be spitting at the TV after this one despite the effort.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leafs Re-Call Deveaux

TORONTO -- Toronto Maple Leafs winger Jason Blake will sit out the team's game in Ottawa on Thursday night with a suspected concussion.

The NHL team has recalled tough guy Andre Deveaux from the American Hockey League to take his place on the roster.
Blake left Tuesday night's game against the Atlanta Thrashers after getting hit by Colby Armstrong in the third period.Coach Ron Wilson said afterwards that Blake had likely suffered a concussion.

Deveaux has six goals and 54 penalty minutes in 13 games with the Marlies this season. He just completed a four-game suspension for an attack on Manitoba defenceman Nolan Baumgartner. The 24-year-old former Montreal Canadiens draft pick has yet to appear in an NHL game.

Courtesy of Sportsnet

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thrashers VS Leafs (6-3)

Cujo will get the start and in other news Lee Stempniak passed his physical but will only play if Cola and Steener pass theres for St,Louis. Lee will wear the same number he did in St,Louis and that is 12. The Trashers and Leafs are both on 3 game losing skids and will look to get things going in the right track.

1st Period: OH MY GOD WHAT A SAVE BY BOTH GOALIES!! Stempniak looks very good in his debut and I think he may pot one (fingers crossed) the goal by Colby was unlucky one for Cujo as he went down from the fake-out, but Kaberle shouldn't have gave that puck away in the 1st place. Lets hope for an exciting 2nd.

2nd Period: The Leafs are playing well.................... The problem GOALTENDING and while Cujo has made some brilliant saves in this game neither him nor Toskala have been very consistent in any of there games. The Leafs not scoring on that 3 minute PP is a shame and really could have cost the Buds the game. Kovalchuk had a beauty and that setup from behind the net was beautiful. But as I said the Leafs need better goaltending if they have any hope of making the playoffs.

3rd Period: Another loss another bad goaltending show! Curtis and Vesa have been the most inconsistent goaltenders in the NHL this year. But it didn't help that the Leafs took terrible penalties and didn't really show any will to win tonight. Stempniak had a good game and really seemed to be the best Leaf in his debut to bad the rest of the Buds couldn't have fallen suit. Oh well bring on the Sens Thursday.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Breaking News: Leafs Acquire Stempniak

The Toronto Maple Leafs aren't waiting for Brian Burke to come in and start making moves, as the club traded defenceman Carlo Colaiacovo and forward Alex Steen to the St. Louis Blues for forward Lee Stempniak on Monday.

Stempniak, 25, has three goals and 13 points in 14 games this season.

In Steen and Colaiacovo, the Leafs parted ways with two former draft picks that didn't live up to their first-round billing.

Colaiacovo, whose career has been limited by numerous injuries, has played in 10 games this season with the Maple Leafs, recording one assist. The blueliner is in his sixth NHL season, having played in 111 career games with 33 points.

The Toronto native was originally drafted 17th overall in the 2001 Entry Draft.

Steen, 24, has two goals and four points in 20 games this season. He's in his fourth NHL season, playing in 253 games and amassing 126 points. The Winnipeg native - son of former NHLer Thomas Steen - was originally drafted by Toronto in the first round, 24th overall in the 2002 Entry Draft.

(The Sources Take: As 1st predicted by me over a month ago the Leafs acquired this young winger he is fast and gritty and so far is having quite a good season)

Van Ryn On Skates

Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Mike Van Ryn returned to the ice Monday for the first time since being injured by Montreal Canadiens forward Tom Kostopolous over two weeks ago.

Van Ryn skated for 20 minutes and said that he felt tired but hopeflu that he can return to the lineup in about two weeks time.

When asked if he received a call from Kostopoulus, Van Ryn said he did, but had not talked to him personally, just through text messenging.

Kostopolous was suspended three games for his hit from behind on Van Ryn on November 7.

Courtesy sportsnet.ca

The Source

Burke To Be GM In Next 24-48 Hrs?

Damien Cox reports former Anaheim Ducks GM Brian Burke will be in Toronto today, ostensibly for personal reasons (visiting Chicago Blackhawks GM Dale Tallon, an old friend who's also in Toronto) but also to meet with the Maple Leafs regarding a potential contract. Cox suggests it's conceivable the Leafs could have Burke signed within the next 24-48 hours.

(The Sources Take: Good this is something that should be done quickly so we can see the end of such players like Blake. But in all seriousness this is the right move for the Leafs.)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blackhawks VS Leafs (5-4)

Toskala will get the start despite several bad starts, I think this will be a major test for Toskala if he is going to stay a Leaf after Burke takes over. Huet I have heard will start for Chicago don't quote me on that though. Should be a good game.

1st Period: Wow there was a lot of action in that period including a non-call a goal and a missed penalty shot. The Leafs truly dominated the 1st and really deserved the lead I am extremely disappointed with Bill McCreary who should have called a penalty on the hit from behind whether it was accidental or not. That's the kind of play that shouldn't be tolerated no matter what the circumstance. Great job on the goal by the Leafs especially scoring right after a Hawks PP. Great ceremony for Wendal Clark.

2nd Period: Excellent 2nd by the Buds they are really controlling the play right now and are doing a great job shutting down the Kane and Toews line. Toskala looks a lot better tonight something I was hoping for from him. Should be a very exciting 3rd.

3rd Period: Not a good 3rd for the Buds lets hope for a good effort in the OT

OT: OH MY GOD! How did the Leafs lose this game I don't know and I never will absolutely terrible effort in OT and in the 3rd. Wilson should be tearing there heads off after this one because the Leafs should have won this game and simply let it slip away.

The Source

Friday, November 21, 2008

Burke To Be GM By The Weekend? Mats Sundin To Narrow List.

According to TSN Brian Burke could be offered a contract as early as tonight or early Saturday. Gordan Kirke was quoted as saying they hope to have a deal done before Monday.

In other news Mats Sundin will be meeting with his agent to narrow down the teams he interested in to 2-3.

(The Source Take: You know I have been calling Brian Burke to the Leafs before Ferguson was even hired. I think this is a great fit for the Leafs and he will truly turn this team around. Burke isn't the kind of guy that messes around and will definitely move players that aren't performing to his standards. As for the continuing Mats saga I think you can truly remove the Canadiens from the list I just don't think Mats has it in him to do that to the Leafs or there fans. The NY Rangers will not be in the Mats sweeps they just don't have the space and removing anyone from that roster could seriously damage the chemistry this team has. I would look to the Leafs and the Canucks to be the teams to land Mats.)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Leafs Lose Another!

In there 1st game back at the ACC in a week the Toronto Maple Leafs lost a nail biter to the Boston Bruins 3-2.

I wasn't able to watch the game as I was on the Greyhound headed back to my place of residence from a 1 week vacation in snowy Seba Beach Alberta.

In other news Brian Burke has been officially contacted by the Maple Leafs.

The Source

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trade Alert! Stars acquire Sydor from Pens for Boucher

This morning the Penguins announced that they had acquired D Phillipe Boucher from the Dallas Stars for D Darryl Sydor.

For Sydor this will be his 2nd go around with Dallas Stars.

The Source

Burke to join Leafs

Brian Burke will be with the Toronto Maple Leafs within the next two weeks – quite possibly as early as next week.Never mind this nonsense about Burke possibly joining the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks or Florida Panthers. He left his position as executive vice-president and general manager of the Anaheim Ducks for one reason and one reason alone – to join the Leafs. He didn’t resign as GM to stay on as a consultant; his intention is to be the next general manager of the Leafs and he’ll attempt to make that happen as soon as possible.And who can blame him? Burke is no dummy; he knows he if manages to bring a Stanley Cup to Toronto for the first time since 1967, he will be a god. Winning the Cup in California is an accomplishment, no question about that. But I was in Anaheim the night the Ducks won and trust me, barely anybody outside of those in the Honda Center gave a hoot.If Burke leads the Maple Leafs to the Cup, they’ll put his face on the Loonie.Speaking of Loonies, how many do you think the Leafs are going to have to cough up to get their man? If Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is willing to pay Bryan Colangelo $3 million a year to run the Raptors, how much do you think Burke can command – especially since the Maple Leafs have targeted him as their only candidate for the position. Try more than $3 million a season. Given what they are about to pay Burke, don’t be surprised if he gets the president’s job, too.Not only will Burke command a high salary, but there are other considerations, too. For starters, Burke bought a new house in Anaheim last year. He will likely ask the Leafs to take that home of his hands and put it on their plate to sell.Burke will no doubt demand the same kind of autonomy that Colangelo has in running the Raptors. Whether or not he gets it remains to be seen. As one source so eloquently put it, "MLSE gave Colangelo autonomy because they don’t know squat about basketball. They don’t know squat about hockey either, but they think they do and that can be dangerous."If Burke gets the autonomy he desires, it means team president Richard Peddie will take a step back in terms of making hockey decisions. A source inside the Leafs organization suggested Thursday Peddie won’t do so willingly and that his desire is to be front and centre if the Leafs ever win a Cup.For once the Leafs are going down the right path. Burke is the man for the job and he will be successful in Toronto. The Leafs went the cheap route when they hired John Ferguson as their GM in 2003 and it cost them dearly.Burke draws up a game plan and then makes it happen. Say what you want about Burke being nicely teed up in Anaheim with Teemu Selanne, Andy MacDonald, Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry up front to go with Jean-Sebastien Giguere in goal, but the Ducks were not a championship contender until he brought defencemen Scott Niedermayer and Chris Pronger to town. So while others such as Bryan Murray, David McNab and Randy Carlyle deserve props, it was Burke who pulled it all together.Burke won’t be quite so fortunate when he lands in Toronto. Cliff Fletcher has done a nice job ridding the Leafs of some of the big contracts that bogged down the organization, along with a handful of players that put their own interests ahead of the team’s, but the Leafs are far from Stanley Cup contenders.That said, the team appears to have some quality youngsters to build around and Niklas Hagman is proving himself to be one of the best free agent finds from last summer. Still, don’t be surprised if Burke sends a number of the team’s established veterans packing before the trade deadline. Burke likes mean teams and this collection of players is frankly, too nice.There may be other teams interested in Burke, but make no mistake about it – he left the Ducks for the Leafs post. Negotiations will begin immediately and he will be running the organization sooner rather than later.

This Article Courtesy Sportsnet and Mike Brophy

The Source

Leafs VS Canucks (2-4)

I would like to apologize to all readers tonight I was celebrating my brother in laws birthday. I would just like to say that this game was terrible for the Leafs especially with a big win in Edmonton the other night. The Leafs will play Boston on Monday a team which they lost to a week ago.

I didn't watch the game tonight so I can't really blog about it but I will have a full analysis on the Boston Vs Toronto game.

The Source

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Leafs VS Oilers (5-2)

Should be a fantastic game tonight i am really excited to see these 2 very fast teams play eachother. Toronto has a very good record against the Oilers and this should be a real test for the young Leafs. Look for Deslauriers VS Toskala. Blake is back in the lineup along with Stralman.

1st Period: One questionable and one lucky bounce leads to an Edmonton lead and Sam Gagners 1st goal of the year. The period was very slow and kind of boring to watch I hope the Leafs take a lesson from the loss against Calgary and not let the Oilers get all the MO. Look for a hardworking fast paced 2nd by both teams.

2nd Period: Great 2nd period for the Leafs! They had over 18+ shots and really took advantage of there chances great set-up on Antropovs goals to make it 3-2. I think the Leafs need a little more discipline in there own end to keep carrying the MO into the 3rd.

3rd Period: Great game by the Leafs in the 3rd they really dominated the Oilers and had a very good PK keeping the Oilers on the outside the whole time. The Leafs really played well and really deserved the win. 

The Source

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leafs Vs Flames (3-4)

In the Leafs first visit to Western Canada in almost 3 years this should be a good game. I have some news that is interesting when it comes to Jason Blake and word is he may be shipped back to the Islanders for Mike Comrie no word on this as of yet when it comes to being true but I have heard that it may be close if it is. Toskala VS Kiprusoff tonight. (UPDATE: JONAS FROGREN IS IN, MIKE CAMMALERI IS A SCRATCH WITH THE FLU.)

1st Period: The Leafs were really up and down in the 1st. I thought they played well at the beginning of the period and then kind of trailed off at the end. I think the Leafs need a better effort to get any shots on a shaky looking Mikka Kiprusoff should be a better more entertaining 2nd.

2nd Period: Oh man! The Leafs are being severely dominated in the face off circle tonight. While I don't think the Leafs are out of this game I do think that they will need a much better effort in the 3rd to get back in the game. The Flames are all over the Buds and it is really starting to show that they really don't have any will to win this game. But I believe that with one solid shift the Leafs will hop right back into this one.

3rd period: Really poor performance all around tonight by the Leafs they will need to pull up there socks if they hope to beat the Oilers on Thursday. Give credit to Nik Antropov on his goal in the 3rd that made 4-2 but to little to late even with Stajans goal that made it 4-3.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

On Vacation

From the 10th to the 17th I will only be able to report once in a while as I will be on Vacation. I am going to see some family something I haven't done in a while. I will be back the 18th I would still like to try and do my game by game coverage so I will if I can.

Thanks Guys

The Source

Van Ryn Out For Up To A Month!

Back breaking news for the Leafs tonight as one of the best Dmen will be out for a prolonged period of time.

D Mike Van Ryn who was run from behind by Tom Kostopoulos of the Montreal Canadiens suffered a broken hand, nose, and a mild concussion. The Leafs are saying that he could be out of action up to a month or more.

I will fully expect a suspension from the NHL to be handed to Kostopoulos for his blatant intent to injure. This is the kind of thing that needs to be discussed when GM's and owners want to vote no on a no touch icing system.

The Source

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Canadiens VS Leafs (3-6)

Toskala VS Price tonight should be a very good fast paced game. Toronto has lost 3 and will have extra MO coming into this one knowing that there playing the Habs on there home turf. Look for Tlusty to be on a line with Moore and Blake.

1st Period: 2 horrible cheap shots by Canadiens players and the Leafs have a 1-0 lead. To bad they couldn`t capitalize more on the major. The Leafs are playing a very solid game right now and will look to continue that into the 2nd.

2nd Period: More cheap penalties by the ref this game has really shown the weakness of the reffing in the NHL. While I agree with the Blake penalty I don't on the other 2. The NHL really needs to start cracking down on the refs to make sure they are doing a better job. The leafs are truly deserving of win tonight as they have really worked hard and have mostly controlled a lot of the play tonight. Montreal is only in this game due to the horrible calls.

3rd Period: B-E-A-utiful game by the Buds tonight! They totally controlled the game tonight and really took it to the Habs. There were some extremely nail biting moments and I'm sure the league will be taking a look at the Koystitsyn issue he had with Grabovski at the end of the game. Hopefylly Kostopoulus gets suspended for his check from behind because he truly deserves it. In other news Van Ryn will be A-Ok but was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons. All in all a truly dominant performance by the Leafs.

The Source

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tlusty Recalled

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced that forward Jiri Tlusty has been recalled from the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League.

In five AHL games this season, Tlusty has registered two assists and four penalty minutes. The 6-0, 209-pound native of Slany, Czech Republic appeared in seven games with the Maple Leafs earlier this season and was held scoreless while averaging 12:19 of ice time per game and registering 13 shots.

The Source

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Leafs VS Boston (2-5)

The Leafs will look for a 2nd win in Boston tonight the last time these teams met was earlier in the season and Boston held a 2-0 lead until the Leafs came storming back to win 4-2. Boston will be using Thomas while the Leafs will counter with Toskala.

1st Period: OH MY GOD! Why is Alexei Ponikarovsky still a member of this team? He deserves to be sitting where Jason Blake has already been this season the press box. Alexei and Nik have taken bad penalties and both led to Boston PP goals. I think it may be time to part ways with Alexei. I also have a problem with Vesa Toskala right now he is very sloppy and isn't covering his angles very well. His 5 hole is also questionable and these are things that need to be worked on. So lets see if the Leafs can once again come back from a 2-0 deficit.

I apologize to my readers for not updating I got a surprise visit from my Brother In Law and was distracted the rest of the night. The Leafs played poorly for most of this game and really didn't deserve to win. They have been sloppy in there own zone time and time again. I think Fletcher will be forced to make a move if Antropov is gone for any length of time he sustained an injury after blocking a shot in the 1st period.

Anyways enough of this the Leafs got slaughtered tonight and as I said did not deserve anything. They are slowly starting to change my mind about a possible playoff spot.

The Source

All Quiet On The Trade Front But Things Are Stirring

Cliff Fletcher appeared on Hockeycentral @ Noon on Wednesday and told fans that he's working the phones and not to expect the team to be making any major moves if they are making a playoff push at trade deadline.

"We are not about to go and get any short-term help to get us into the playoffs," the Leafs general manager said.

Fletcher said his phones aren't ringing off the hook at the moment but he has made a few calls to other general managers.

"Quite frankly it's pretty quiet out there." Fletcher said. "We've talked to number of teams who may be looking for a little help on the blueline but there seems to be a reluctance out there on the part of teams to do anything right now."

Fletcher suggested a couple of reasons why the trade winds remain calm at the moment.

"It may be because teams are trying to evaluate their players or it may be the state of the economy has teams in a holding pattern right now," Fletcher suggested.

Fletcher seems to be happy with the play of his players a dozen games into the 2008-09 season.

"There are some positives and some obvious shortcomings with the team," he said on the radio show. "We have to be pleased with some of the new players, particularly (Mikhail) Grabovski, (Niklas) Hagman and naturally Luke Schenn."

Although the Boys in Blue have had a solid start to the season Fletcher knows that it's too early to say exactly where the Leafs stand.

"Once we play another dozen games or so we might have a better feel for where we might be going."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live Coverage Canceled: CANES VS LEAFS (4-4) (1-0 OT)

Due to a family illness I will not be able to do the live blog tonight. However I will try and get you the score whenever I can. Sorry for the inconvieniece.


The Source

Monday, November 3, 2008

Maple Leafs To Acquire Ouellet?


I have been talking to some people tonight who get the feeling that GM Fletcher will pick up Ouellet of waivers from the Vancouver Canucks. Fletcher is looking for a scoring forward and has had talks with Tampa in the past about him but unfortunaltey he was moved to Vancouver before anything was done.

(The Sources Take: I don't know if Ouellet is the answer for the Buds I think he would be a good person to have on the team but I have never really seen anything special from the small forward.)

The Source

Fletcher Denies Kovi Rumors

Despite rumors to the contrary, Cliff Fletcher flatly denies the Maple Leafs are pursuing Atlanta Thrashers star Ilya Kovalchuk.

"I can absolutely tell you there has been no conversations about any player with Atlanta, let alone the player you mentioned," said Fletcher.

Kovalchuk, one of the few pure snipers in the NHL, sounds as if he wants out of Atlanta. Russian newspaper Sports Express Daily said the Leafs and Montreal Canadiens were the front-runners for his services.

The Source

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Leafs VS Hurricanes (4-6)

Should be a very fast game tonight the Leafs are going with Curtis Joseph and the Canes will counter with Leighton. Look for the Leafs to come out strong with a lot of momentom stemming from last nights games.

1st Period: Wow welcome back Ian White a goal on his 2nd shift of the game and its 1-0 Leafs. If Fletcher is shopping him he is doing himself a favor to be moved by playing that well. Dominic Moore is so dominant with puck when he wants to be and that is something that the Leafs have needed since the Gary Roberts days. Joseph looks solid all around a good 1st.

2nd Period: Wow a 3-1 lead and they blew it something I thought they would have stopped has come back to rear its ugly head. Of course the Refs are really quick to blow whistles ESPECIALLY that blown call on Coliacovo WHO DID NOT CLOSE HIS HAND! Curtis seems to be going down a little early something that really used to bug me about him. I think the Leafs will be ok and come out strong in the 3rd. They seem to put there best effort forward in situations where there down.

3rd Period: Terrible 3rd by the Leafs and WHAT a dumb penalty by Antropov to take with less than a minute left. The Leafs lost this game because of penalty trouble in the 2nd period and they showed how much trouble they were in when they blew a 3-1 lead. The Leafs didn't get much help from Cujo either as he had a less than stellar performance against the Canes tonight. Look for Toskala on Tuesday when the Leafs will play the Canes again in Toronto.

The Source

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rangers VS Leafs (2-5)

Ah the NY Rangers Toronto did a great job against the blueshirts last time I would look for more of the same in this game. Vesa Toskala will get the start tonight and Stephen Valiquette will go for the Rangers.

1st Period: Oh man great 1st by the Leafs and look what happens..................... I guess God works in weird ways. A period in which Toronto essentially dominated and had 3 PP couldn't capitalize on any of them and that's what happens. Great job by the Hagman line to hem in the 4th line of the Rangers. Nice pass to set up Ryan Callahan for the Rangers goal something I believe Toskala could have reacted on sooner. Once again I'll say this but look for a better effort and some Leafs pressure in the 2nd.

2nd Period: Pggghhhhhhh!!! That's the sound of the energy leaving the Leafs. What happened to the Buds in the 2nd they have been dominating a lot of the game and now they seem not interested. If they lose this game its all because of the lack of effort in the 2nd. I won't say anything about the 3rd the Leafs are going to need to get out of this one them selves lets hope Wilson is giving them what for.

3rd Period: Absolutely Brilliant!!! Enough said the Leafs scored 5 goals in 10 mins and totally came a buzz at the end of the 3rd. I am very proud of the Leafs tonight who showed you should never ever give up.

The Source

Thursday, October 30, 2008

RUMOR: Shanahan on Leafs radar?

So I just got an email stating the Leafs do have some interest in bringing on F Brendan Shanahan. I do not know if this is true as of right now I have sent some emails to people who I think would so I will have more right away.

(The Sources Take: I think he would be a great acquisition for the Buds I know he is the opposite of what a rebuilding team would want but think about it who better to teach your wingers about good hockey then a 3 time Stanley Cup Champion? I think the Leafs would benefit from this signing but don't expect any announcement as Shanahan may not be signed by anyone until after Sundin decides where he is going "Cough Toronto Cough"

The Source

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leafs VS Devils (6-5)

Hmmmmm what to say about this one should be a very wide open game tonight. I have it on good authority that we may see Toskala playing even though I think Joseph should get the start. Same lineup for the Leafs tonight with one exception Frogren will play.

I am expecting a better effort from the Leafs tonight they really had some dull moments last night.

1st Period: OH MY GOODNESS!! Devils opened up with a 2-0 lead 7 min into the 1st that's certainley not good enough. Can the Leafs come back yes of course they have shown that they can and really started to get some good chances there at the end of the 1st. I think they are tired from last night and are just waiting for there legs to get that extra steam going. I will expect a far better 2nd from the Buds they have a great opportunity to come back in this game with not Rolston or Elias playing. They should definitely use that to there advantage.

2nd Period: Roaring back to take the lead and then out of know where Ryan Hollweg is the smarter player..................WHAT? Yes that's right Hollweg was smarter than Mayers what was he thinking after the Leafs took the lead you don't do that. Brodeur looks shaky and the Leafs need to take advantage of that. Lets keep it going and tie the game.

3rd Period: I thought I would do the 3rd period along with OT and the SO, great 3rd by the Leafs to bad that the Leafs blew that lead but Toskala can only stop what he can see right?

OT Period: No Goals

SO Period: Great stops by Toskala and I was very surprised to see Kaberle and I was VERY happy to see Hagman who scored an absolute beauty. Great game by the Buds tonight all around.

The Source

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lightning VS Leafs (3-2)

Should be a fast game but I don't expect much from Tampa as they have been very dissapointing this year.

Toskala gets the start and Smith will challenge him. Coliacovo, Frogren, and White are all healthy scratches. Toronto has taken 9 out of a possible 12 meetings with the 2 teams look for much of the same tonight as the Leafs finish a 2 game homestand at the ACC.

1st Period: Good 1st for the Lightning great goal by Vinny I still think Toronto is there better team thus far though as they had a few spurts where they dominated. Once again the Buds out shot there opponents. Good hard working goal for Matt Stajan on the PP I expect a good 2nd by the Leafs Wilson is really good at rallying them after a sub par period.

2nd Period: BAHHHHHHH!!! Through most of the 2nd Toronto did a great job in scoring the goal and they seem to be coming on. Great to see some old school hockey Stralman delivering the hip check to Stamkos. Lecavalier is the only reason this is a Tampa lead. Look for a much better pace from the Leafs in the 3rd.

3rd Period: "We have to beat teams like Tampa Bay they didn't play well" Is exactly what Stajan said after the game tonight to me. He is right the Leafs were really flat in this game not through all of it but through most. John Mitchell really turned up the heat in the 3rd and could remain on that line with Hagman and Grabovski. Kulemin hasn't been playing well lately and I'm wondering if he is injured in anyway. He doesn't seem to have the jump he did at the beginning of the season. Look for a trade soon from Fletcher as he has been on the phone he is looking to grab a young center and has had talks with teams.

The Source

Fletcher On The Phone?

Maple Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher may not be about to pull the trigger on a trade, but the Toronto Sun reports he's having discussions with other teams.

Fletcher returned from the NHL's general managers meeting in Chicago yesterday and had "talked preliminarily with a few teams."

The paper suggests the Leafs could make a move in the coming weeks.

"At some stage we'll seriously consider trading a defenseman for a forward," Fletcher told the Sun. "But it's going to have to be for somebody who really, really appeals to us."

The Leafs have a surplus of defenseman, with two or three sitting out each game. Ian White, who has yet to play in a game this season, is among those on the trading block.

"I don't blame [White] for being frustrated," Fletcher. "He played 81 games for us last year. But I'm sure he'll get his chance."

It's also been widely reported that the Leafs are entertaining the thought of trading Matt Stajan, Alexei Ponikarovsky and Carlo Colaiacovo.

The Source

Monday, October 27, 2008

Schenn Stays

Luke Schenn will be staying with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The 18-year-old defenceman was told by Leafs' head coach Ron Wilson before practice on Monday that he will be staying in Toronto for the foreseeable future.

Once he appears in his 10th NHL game this season, Schenn will use up the first year of his entry-level contract. If he hits the 40 game mark with the Leafs, it will count toward a year of service when it comes to filing for free agency in the future.

Should he be sent back to the Kelowna Rockets of the Western Hockey League later this season, he would not be eligible to return to the NHL unless an emergency injury situation in Toronto arose.

When asked if Schenn would be released to play for Team Canada at the World Hockey Championship in Ottawa, Leafs head coach Ron Wilson gave a quick and concise answser.

"If he's playing in the best league in the world, why would we have him go play in a teenage tournament?" Wilson said after practice on Monday.

The Maple Leafs host the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Air Canada Centre on Tuesday. Schenn's 10th game would take place the following night when the Leafs visit the New Jersey Devils.

So far this season, Schenn is averaging over 21 minutes per game through eight contests.

The Source

This article courtesy tsn.ca

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Senators VS Leafs (2-3)

Toskala VS ????????? who cares Ottawas goaltending is so bad that it doesn't matter who starts for them. Jeff Finger is in tonight 1st game for him and I can't wait to see him play. He should bring a needed grit to the backend that only Frogren and Schenn have brought thus far. News to pass everyones way Jiri Tlusty has been demoted to the AHL Marlies.

1st Period: LUKKKKEEEEEEEE!! Dropping the gloves with Chris Neil STRONG props to the youngster for that. The PP is better and the PK is definitely better I know its early but I think people are seeing why you shouldn't underestimate the Leafs right now. They truly are coming together as a team and will only get stronger as the season goes on. Great working goal by Dom Moore. Toronto is dominating the faceoff circle as they have won about 75% of them and are really dominating the Sens so far.

2nd Period: Grabovski has finally scored its about time! Toronto once again is out shooting there opponent again and look to be well in control of this game. I was worried about Toskala after the cheap shot at the hands of Chris Neil. Should be a fast paced 3rd but I expect the Leafs will hang for the win.

3rd Period: Despite the 2nd ACCIDENTAL goal by McCammond (I love how emotional Van Ryn was shows real passion) the Leafs simply out played the Sens tonight. They just keep getting better game by game ad I truly feel this will be a HUGE momentum builder for a lot of the Leafs. Great game and a very well deserved win for the Leafs.

The Source

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mats is in the Papers again

The Mats Sundin watch is on again.

The former captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs took a physical in Toronto Wednesday and immediately tongues began wagging. Is he going to play again? If so, for whom?

Sundin is heading to California for a vacation and is expected to make a decision about his hockey future in the next couple of weeks. He has no training sessions planned.

If he plays again, it has been rumoured the New York Rangers are his first choice, but a member of the Rangers organization wondered, "Will he play for $100,000? That’s how much we have left to spend." According to hockeynumbers.com, the Rangers actually have less than $100,000 of cap space remaining.

The Vancouver Canucks offered Sundin $10 million a season for two years and still have interest in his services.

"Once we have an indication that he is going to play, then we will move ahead quite quickly," said Canucks GM Mike Gillis.

The Montreal Canadiens pursued Sundin in the summer, but when they couldn’t sign him, they settled for Robert Lang who had three goals in his first six games with the Habs. Canadiens owner George Gillett told Rogers Sportsnet last week his team is no longer interested in Sundin.

The Source

This article Courtesy Sportsnet.ca

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leafs VS Bruins (4-2)

Boston took the season series from the Leafs last year pretty handly. However I think the Leafs are due for a win. Look for a 2-1, 3-2 type game for the Leafs tonight.

No word as of yet on starting goaltenders but I assume Toskala and Thomas. Jeff Finger has apparently become a game time decision for this one.

1st Period: Due to a blogspot blackout I wasn't able to update the site but here I go 2 quick goals by the Bruins in the 1st and up but lets take a look at them and then Toskala ones a tip and the other is also a tip. In my opinion Toskala has not looked very good in any of his starts this season and he really needs to work on his breakaways and rebound control. I will admit that Stralman was partially to blame for the goal but come on Toskala should not be giving that much space off his posts.

2nd Period: Great come back by the Leafs 2 bad penalties by Luke Schenn though could cost the Leafs the game we'll have to wait and see. Antropov is machine and the Leafs if you have noticed like me are getting a lot better on almost everything in the game. The PK and the PP have been good tonight and the Leafs are playing a great 1-2-2 game against the Bruins trap. I don't know what to say about the 3rd anything could happen lets hope the Leafs can pull out a win.

3rd Period: Great job Toronto! The Buds came out flying and really deserved this win a very well played game. Van Ryn was terrific tonight and he seems to be getting better with every game. Toronto did played great down low and there PP and PK was much better tonight especially there cycle game in the offensive zone. Lets hope they carry the MO into Ottawa.

The Source

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ducks VS Leafs (3-2)

This is a game where both teams will be looking to improve the Ducks 1-5-0 and the Leafs 1-2-2 are struggling out of the gate.

The Leafs will be eaten alive if they lose at the ACC again so look for a little extra MO for them in this game with that in mind. The Ducks are reportedly starting Giguere the Leafs will counter with Toskala. Even though the game is national I will still have my analysis after each period. Coliacovo will sit tonight and Van Ryn will play.

1st Period: George Parros??? How do you let Parros score on a break a way? He is slow and Toskala should have had that shot. The Leafs are not playing well in the 1st as they usually do and its showing on the scoreboard. I imagine Wilson is tearing into them right now. The Leafs need to get a scorer and with Marian Gaborik being shopped where is Toronto. Fletcher needs to do whatever he can to get him, and that's final. Hopefully there will be a better effort come the 2nd.

2nd Period: Ask and you shall receive is the old saying isn't it? MUCH better 2nd by the Leafs and the Antropov/Stajan/Ponikarovsky line is VERY VERY GOOD! Wilson needs to keep them together. I will go out guarantee the Leafs tie the game and win late in the 3rd hopefully I'm right LOL. Should be a dynamite 3rd, however the Leafs seriously need to get better on that PP.

3rd Period: SCORESSSSSSS!!!!! Nik Antropov I could have ripped my TV off of it stands I was so happy. Great 3rd period by the Leafs MO is totally in there favor look for the Leafs to win in OT.

Over Time Period: Very rushy and definitely some edge of your seat moments. The Leafs practiced shootouts yesterday for roughly 30 mins I expect to see Kulemin, Grabovski, Steen.

Shootout: BIG SURPRISE with Cujo getting the start for the shootout Kulemin and Kaberle both missed and Perry and Selanne both scored another shootout another shootout loss for the Leafs seems that 30 mins didn't help.

The Source

Monday, October 20, 2008

Boumeester Still Unhappy!

Florida Panthers defenseman Jay Bouwmeester can walk away from the team next summer and it doesn't sound like he's about to change his mind, reports the Edmonton Journal.

Bouwmeester, 25, can become an unrestricted free agent at season's end. He's been concerned with the atmosphere of South Florida, and while the Panthers are hoping he changes his mind and signs a long-term extension, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Now in his sixth NHL season, Bowmeester has yet to see post-season play.

"It's been hard to get over that hump. We've been saying that for a number of years now. With everything that goes on off the ice, it reflects on what's going on the ice and our lack of success," Bouwmeester told the Journal.

"I'm not casting blame on anyone. It's the guys who play that it comes down to."

The Edmonton native is set to make $4.875 million this season and will likely see his salary jump when he signs a new deal.

If the Panthers are unable to get Bouwmeester to agree to a contract extension in the coming months, the team will have no other choice but to explore his trading value.

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Maple Leafs On The Hot Seat This Week

I thought I would put up a list of potential players leaving town this week either through waivers or trades.

1.) Matt Stajan: He is the most likely to be moved he has been horribly inconsistent over the 1st 2 games of the season and Wilson let him know it by sitting him in the pressbox. He came back and showed no signs of improvement in either of the games against NY or Pitts.

2.) Ian White: Hasn't even played a game yet and more than likely won't put on the Maple Leafs jersey again. He isn't the type of player that fits into Wilsons grand scheme of things and there are rumors he'll be packaged with Matt Stajan.

3.) Carlo Coliacovo: Great player easily a top 4 Dman on any team......................... BARRING he can stay healthy and while he has managed to do that he and White have been pushed back to 7th and 8th in the rotation on the blueline. Cola could have a lot of worth when it comes to a return Fletcher just needs to find the right team to take him.

4.) Mike Van Ryn: Although a +2 this season Mike really hasn't shown why he was a 1st round choice so far this season (By the Panthers) if he wants to stay he will need to put forth a better effort on the PP.

There are plenty of rumors right now involving most of these players and one or all could be moved by the end of today or the end of the week. If Fletcher is looking to try and steal away young players he has to try and not over value these guys. I mean I will agree that if you were to look around the league there are teams looking for a puck moving Dman and Van Ryn and White fit the bill but the most we can get are 2nd to 3rd rounders and that's all.

Coliacovo and Stajan are the real worth and word has it Fletcher is looking hard at a few players from the western conference that coach RW has said would be perfect fits on a fast western style team like the Leafs.

While the NHL is still looking at the Leafs and Ducks Fletcher still wants F Bobby Ryan and is willing to do almost anything to get him and that goes the same for the Coyotes 1st round pick something I said GM Maloney isn't going to part with this early in a season.

Anyways interesting week ahead the Ducks and Leafs play Tuesday at the ACC could we see some trades before then or during even we shall see.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Leafs VS Penguins (1-4)

1st Period: Joseph looks good so far and Luke Schenn is amazing as always. Hagman took a bad penalty 5 seconds into that game but the Leafs continued there solid PK from last night and took over the 1st from there drawing 3 penalties in a row and then finally on a play in front Nik Antropov put the puck between Fleurys legs. NOW my pet peeve so far TOMAS KABERLE IS INVISIBLE! I am really not happy with his play so far this season and he looks lost out there without McCabe. But all in all good 1st by the Leafs and the Pens.

As I said TOMAS KABERLE IS INVISIBLE! I do apologize for not keeping everyone up to date tonight the game got ugly and I got busy with some family stuff. The Leafs could have made this game 10-1 with all the PP time they had and failed to capitalize on any of them but one. Toronto continues to play solid but if there PP doesn't improve they will continue to flounder. Next game is Tuesday against the Ducks I believe after tonight that Stajan and Coliacovo may be traded sometime next week maybe even Monday as 3 or 4 teams are interested in the 2 players.

Curtis Joseph was terrific tonight and its great to see that a 41 year old tender can make those kind of saves against guys like Crosby and Malkin.

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Stajan being shopped hard and people have interest!

Leafs Lunch is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs are receiving calls about 24 year old C Matt Stajan.

Apparently the teams most interested are
Carolina, Colorado, Washington and NY Islanders. But Dreger went on to say that St,Louis is hard up for the young center as well.

The Leafs are believed to be interested in Stastny and Stempniak I think if they packaged the right Dman they could get both but its seems unlikely that the Blues would move both.

Tonight could be make or break for Matt Stajan we could be saying goodbye to him after tonights game.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Leafs Vs Rangers (0-1)

Another dominant 1st period by the Leafs the thing they worked on in practice the last 3 days is keeping it up for a full 60 mins hopefully they can do that. Toskala looks shaky again tonight but hopefully he will work out those kinks in time. Finally a great PK by the Leafs and where is this Dominic Moore from if he can sustain this level of play over 82 games there is no telling where he will finish and he definitely deserves an extention.

So 40 minutes have passed and the Leafs have remained strong. Niklas Hagman has to be one of the best stick handlers I have ever seen and he is definitely a great pick up for the Buds. Luke Schenn is having another sharp night and Toskala seems to have put that shakieness behind him. Tomas Kaberle is not doing his job on the PP while he is a great passer he needs to shoot as we've seen from him in the past he has the ability to crush that puck and he needs to do so more often. The PK is brilliant tonight and hopefully it will remain that way in the 3rd my prediction Nik Kulemin or Hagman score the winner for the Leafs, Dubinsky for the Rangers.

Stephen Valiquette and Vesa Toskala are star 1 and 2 tonight Toronto is letting themselves willingly get into penalty trouble. OT should be entertaining tonight hopefully the Leafs can get the MO back.

LUKEEEEEEEEE!!!!! What a great game by the 18 year old phenom and WHAT a block by Frogren.

Shootout: Kulemin, Stajan, Grabovski are my picks.

Once again the Leafs lose in a shootout and Kulemin is the only highlight for the Leafs. It is so frustrating to watch this team play so well and not win games.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Rumors! Leafs shopping White

With a surplus of defensemen on the roster, the Maple Leafs appear to be shopping Ian White around the league, reports the Toronto Sun.

White, 24, has yet to play a game this season and he isn't sure when he'll be called upon.

"No, there's been no dialogue and no indications as to what the plans are for me," White told the Sun. "I haven't said a word and they haven't said a word to me since I've been here. So I have no idea."

White's heard his name mentioned in trade speculation, but he's trying not to ignore it.

"I'll just let the chips fall where they may," he said.

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Leafs Have Interest In Gaborik?

According to a few people including Sportsnets Nick Kypreos and TSN's Bob McKenzie the Toronto Maple Leafs are putting there hat into the Marian Gaborik sweepstakes.

If any deal is made I could see our 1st gone and I don't know if Gaborik is worth that pick unless its conditional which I'm sure any GM will do with Gaboriks injury history and UFA status at the end of the season.

I could see some like Coliacovo and 1 or 2 prospects involved as well if a deal with the Leafs were to go down.

Now to just make this whole thing even crazier Doug Riseborough has said that Marion will not play tonight due to a "lower body injury" which in my eyes means "healthy scratch" or Riseborough is trying to protect Gaboriks worth by not telling what his injury may be.

Should be some interesting couple days

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kulemin Shining, Stajan Invisible

Rookie left-winger Nikolai Kulemin is looking like a major find for the Toronto Maple Leafs, while veteran forward Matt Stajan is struggling to adapt to the demands of new head coach Ron Wilson.

Kulemin, a 22-year-old Russian taken 44th in the NHL draft two years ago, is fast, defensively responsible and has a great work ethic. He was never projected for first-line sniper status. A third-line checker -- that's what most of the scouts saw in his big-league future.

Kulemin scored 21 goals in 57 games with Russian club team Magnitogorsk Metallurg last season. Before that, he got little attention skating in the shadow of then-teammate Evgeni Malkin.

Wilson is giving the six-foot, 183-pound Kulemin all the opportunity in the world to strut his stuff, and he's responded wonderfully after being given a top-six forward's role. He scored two goals when the Leafs took three of a possible six points in the opening week of the new season.

"We're going to give our young people opportunity to play," Wilson said after practice Wednesday. "They've got tremendous offensive potential and the only way we're going to develop it is by playing them."

Kulemin, who wears No. 41, is saying little because his command of the English language is limited and he's still feeling his way in a new life in Canada. His US$850,000 salary will no doubt make the adjustment an enjoyable one. On the ice, if he keeps progressing the way he has during the last year, he'll soon have plenty to talk about.

Stajan would love an opportunity to play, too. He'll get it Friday in New York where the Leafs take on the Rangers. They then move on to Pittsburgh to face the Penguins on Saturday night.

Stajan was a healthy scratch for the first time since March 2006 when the visiting St. Louis Blues won 5-4 in a shootout Monday.

"Matt's just got to play better than he's been playing -- period," Wilson said.

Wilson demands an up-tempo pace, while insisting on stick-like-glue checking, too.

"Other guys have adjusted," Wilson said. "(Stajan) hasn't, so he's probably just finding out what the parameters of the job are."

Stajan is an unspectacular third- or fourth-liner. There's not much that's negative about his defensive play but, if he can't contribute more offensively than he has in the past, he'll remain in Wilson's doghouse. He'll reappear against the Rangers in place of Ryan Hollweg, who'll begin a three-game league suspension as a repeat offender for checking from behind.

"I'll keep working and, hopefully, things start going better than they have," Stajan said after practice. "Right now, things aren't bouncing my way.

"I've been battling the puck. It's too bad I haven't shown anything earlier. It's hard to sit out. I'll keep my head up and go out and play hard and do whatever I can do to help the team win. Obviously, I've got something to prove to (Wilson) now."

He'd be the last player to mope.

"I'm behind this team 100 per cent and, hopefully, I'll get my chance to get back in there to play and help contribute," Stajan said.

Wilson and Hollweg huddled at the team's lakeshore practice facility. Hollweg's latest transgression sent rookie Blues defenceman Alex Pietrangelo crashing to the ice on a hit from behind.

"We talked about the danger of those types of hits, and it's going to get worse if he keeps hitting (from behind)," said Wilson. "We need him to play, we need him to play a lot.

"He's a very effective player, and he's one of our more enthusiastic guys in the room. Being suspended is not helping our cause.

"He's got to be a lot more aware when he's going in to finish his checks when somebody's in a vulnerable position. If he keeps doing it, he keeps getting suspended, and the next one could be a very long suspension.".

Wilson was asked if Hollweg has malicious intentions when he steps onto the ice.

"No, not that I know of," he replied. "But there seems to be no filter.

"We've got to find a way of putting an effective filter in there. He looks up and sees a guy's number and he should be really thinking about pulling up. It's going to be up to him to figure that out or he won't be playing very many games."

Notes : Kulemin's two goals were scored on only four shots on goal. Jason Blake has one goal after a team-high 15 shots on goal ... D Jonas Frogren, who missed the Monday game with a bruised foot from blocking a shot during the 6-1 loss to Montreal last Saturday, might suit up against the Rangers ... D Jeff Finger, who has yet to play for his new team, will remain out till next week with a foot injury ... C Nik Antropov is a team-best plus-3 on the plus-minus chart ... Mats Sundin, the all-time Leafs scoring leader, is back in town after spending the summer in Sweden. The unrestricted free agent continues to mull over his future ... Toronto's next home game is Tuesday against Anaheim.

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