Sunday, March 29, 2009

Leafs eliminated and I'm done for the season.

1st off I would like to thank all 50,000 people that made my blog what it is. Its nice to see some people still like to read the truth instead of made up stuff.

I would also like to say thanks to the Toronto Maple Leafs who helped make this blog possible!

Now on to more important matters, the Leafs have officially been eliminated from playoff contention and with that we look forward to next season which I'm sure will have a different outcome from the last 4 years.

I would look for some significant movement this offseason as Brian Burke has some holes to fill up front and on the backend.

I will be back for the draft and I hope to have an actual website going (If you would like to help me design it send me an email at

Once again I would like to thank everyone for there support and I hope you'll be back next season. I'll see you at the draft everyone, oh before I go I will be keeping the poll going so you can still vote on your favorite Leaf subjects and I will keep the standing bar going as well.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gerber Gets 3

What a joke of a call by the NHL! Gerber had every right to be pissed about the call, he was blatantly shoved into the net by Brooks Laich and Leggo blew the call.

Anyways nothing we can do now he has been suspended by the NHL for 3 games and in his place the Leafs have re-called Justin Pogge.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Capitals VS Maple Leafs (2-3)

1st Period: The Leafs are 9-4-1 in 14 games and are 8 pts out of a playoff spot while its still unlikely they make the playoffs don't tell them that. In this game alone there defensive effort and goaltending has been better than any effort all season long. Despite Luke Schenns tiny give away in the period he was dominant over Ovechkin for most of the period. The Grabovski line looks dangerous again and will definitley be one of the lines to watch to break the current stalemate.


2nd Period: Phil Oreskovic has become the 6th Leaf this year to score his 1st NHL goals good for him and congrats. Now on to Ovechkin as fun as he is sometimes his antics like Sean Averys are getting tiresome claiming he will score 4 goals against the Leafs tonight and then actually raising his finger to show he has scored 1 is really showing what kind of ass a nine player he can sometimes be. Anyways enough of that despite the penalty the Leafs had another very sound defensive period, should be an exciting 3rd.

Toronto: #40 Phil Oreskovic

Washington: #8 Alexander Ovechkin

3rd Period: This was 2 sides of hell! Gerber was great and had every right to be pissed about the goal. He was cleary pushed into the net by Brooks Laich and the referee knew that. I seriously hope the NHL investigates that call. Besides that Curtis Joseph comes in and stands on his head, and really saved the game.

Toronto: #84 Mikhail Grabovski

Washington: #21 Brooks Laich

OT Period: This was the Curtis Joseph he was amazing and truly brought back some good memorys for Leaf fans. If the Leafs have any hope of still making the playoffs I think Wilson needs to give some serious thought to starting Joseph for a lot of the remaining games.


Shootout Goals:
Toronto: #51 Jeff Hamilton

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maple Leafs VS Canadiens (5-2)

1st Period: This was a terrific start for the Leafs tonight. Something they didn't have against the Panthers the other night. Gerber looks good again and it was great to see Grabovski score a goal against the Canadiens. Also it looks like Kulemin kept his word by scoring a goal for his new born child.

Toronto: #84 Mikhail Grabovski
Toronto: #41 Nikolai Kulemin

2nd Period: Very good second for the Buds until closer till the end when they took some stupid penalties. I hope there is a better defensive effort in the 3rd.

Toronto: #23 Alexei Ponikarovsky
Toronto: #23 Alexei Ponikarovsky (2)

Montreal: #40 Maxim Lapierre
Montreal: #40 Maxim Lapierre

3rd Period: Terrific game tonight the Leafs dominated all over the ice, and really deserved the win. The Leafs are now 6 pts out of a playoff spot.


Toronto: #55 Jason Blake

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maple Leafs VS Panthers (1-4)

1st Period: I seriously hope the league takes a look at the baseball swing slash that Richard Zednik delivered to Jason Blake. The Leafs looked very blah for most of the period and really didn't deserve to tie the game. I hope there is a big turn around in the 2nd in there forward pressure on the puck and there in zone coverage. They don't seem to be spending a lot of time in the Florida zone.

Toronto: #84 Mikhail Grabovski

Florida: #9 Stephen Weiss

2nd Period: OH MY GOD!! This game went from bad to worse, the Leafs are being dominated every where on the ice. They are simply not moving there feet and are guilty of so many give aways. I simply have not seen a worse game this season from the blue and white. Gerber looks terrible and the defense shoddy at best. Wilson is tearing them a new hole I hope.

Florida: #20 Richard Zednik
Florida: #18 Ville Peltonen

3rd Period: At least the Leafs are losing and putting themselves in a better position for a good pick. This was the worst effort all year and if it wasn't for Gerber I'm sure it would have been much worse. The team was sloppy everywhere lastnight and as I said in the 1st period they didn't deserve to even get one goal.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maple Leafs VS Lightning (4-3)

Unfortunately I won't be able to blog this game tonight. I am in Edmonton doing a story for The Sun.

However I will keep you guys up to date on the score.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flames VS Maple Leafs (6-8)

1st Period: Is it me or do the Leafs love to dig there own graves? Matt Stajan and Luke Schenn both took useless penalties allowing the Flames back into the game. It was 3-0 and the Leafs could have ran away with this one if not for the screw ups. I can guarantee Wilson is going up oneside of them and down the other.

Toronto: #4 Jeff Finger
Toronto: #55 Jason Blake
Toronto: #84 Mikhail Grabovski

Calgary: #21Olli Jokinen
Calgary: #3 Dion Phanuef
Calgary: #20 Curtis Glencross

2nd Period: This game couldn't be anymore painful to watch the Leafs just keep taking bad penalties this time it was a holding call right in front of the referee. Man I can not believe that Jokinen got that goal it was absolutley a shocker. Despite the Leafs lead they don't look good at all.

Toronto: #51 Jeff Hamilton
Toronto: #39 John Mitchell

Calgary: #21 Olli Jokinen

3rd Period: Well that was a lot better than the 2nd and 1st periods, the Leafs were a lot more solid defensivley in the 3rd and really took it to the Flames. Good effort to solidify the win.

Toronto: #41 Nikolai Kulemin
Toronto: #21 Jamal Mayers
Toronto: #84 Mikhail Grabovski

Calgary: #12 Jarome Iginla
Calgary: #21 Olli Jokinen

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Islanders VS Maple Leafs (2-3)

1st Period: What the heck just happened there? Lee Stempniak works his butt off for the first goal and then everything went downhill from there. Mind you the Leafs were all ready pretty flat to begin with. Gerber looks good but he can only do so much the Leafs need to tighten up defensively and do a better job on the breakout.

GOALS: Toronto- #12 Lee Stempniak
NY - #21 Kyle Okposo
NY - #33 Iggulden (<---Sorry I'm not sure of his # or the correct spelling of his name)

2nd Period: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 that's right 5 of penalties in the 2nd period 2 of which gave the Islanders a 2 man advantage. They look sloppy and tired and Gerber is keeping them in this game. Despite what the shots say the Leafs really don't deserve to be in this game.

GOALS: Really good period for the Leafs, Gerber has been solid in the 4 starts that he has had since coming from Ottawa to Toronto. Should be a very good OTR

3rd Period: Really good period for the Leafs, Gerber has been solid in the 4 starts that he has had since coming from Ottawa to Toronto. Should be a very good OT.

GOALS: Toronto - #23 Alexei Ponikarovsky

OT Period: Wow I didn't even get to finish my 3rd period thoughts when Grabovski scored the winner.

GOALS: Toronto - #84 Mikhail Grabovksi

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gerber shines in Leafs debut

What a terrific game for Gerber tonight he was terrific making 37 saves for his 1st win a Leaf uni. Jeff Hamilton was also a plus player as he had an assist and looked really good playing along side Grabovski and Stajan.

The Leafs were really solid defensivley as well tonight something that has been showing the last couple games.

Gerber will get the start again on Saturday against the visiting Oilers.

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Leafs sign Hamilton

Despite being busy yesterday it didn't seem to end there as Brian Burke has announced the signing of 31 year old F Jeff Hamilton he was playing with AHL Chicago Wolves he has 16 goals and 37 assists this season. 

He will be in the line up tonight.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trade Rumors

I've been on the phone all morning trying to get leads for you, I have a huge rumor that the Leafs will be sending Nik Antropov to Pittsburgh for a prospect and 2 picks.

I have nothing on Dominic Moore yet although I do believe Edmonton has serious interest.

UPDATE: Toronto Maple Leafs have claimed G Martin Gerber of re-entry waivers as well D Eric Reitz.

UPDATE: Vesa Toskala has been placed on IR and will be done for the rest of the season.

UPDATE: Antropov to Nashville is very close I'm hearing a pick and a player. Nix that..Antropov is a Ranger, for a second round pick and a conditional pick. (expecting more)

UPDATE: Dominic Moore has been traded in a three way deal, waiting for details. UPDATE on this trade Moore has been traded to the Sabres for an 2nd rounder.

UPDATE: Yes its late I'm sorry, but in a final move for the Maple Leafs they have acquired soon to be retired Olaf Kolzig, D Jamie Heward, and prospect Andy Rogers and a 4th round pick.

The Source's take: All in all a solid day for the Buds Burke did what he said and stock piled some 2nd rounders, a conditional pick and a 4th rounder. I still think he could have gotten more for Antropov but its to late for that now. Look for the Leafs to be busy during the off season with UFA signings and trades as well.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mild Rumblings!

Here are just a few things that I have heard floating around:

1,) Nik Antropov could end up in the West as there seems to be a bit of a dog fight going on between Minny and Columbus. The Leafs want a goalie from both teams from what I am hearing which would obviously mean Harding from Minny and Leclaire from CBJ. Burke also wants an early 2nd rounder for Antropov.

2.) Jamal Mayers is almost certainley going to be traded to Detroit by the looks of things Holland has expressed interest and this could very well be the 1st trade Burke makes tomorrow.

3.) Matt Stajan is different IMO the Leafs should keep him but there is interest for him from teams such as Edmonton and Vancouver.

4.) Tomas Kaberle is a conundrum Burke said today he expects to hang on to he Olympic Czech player but IMO he will be moved. The lack of puck moving dmen available make it seem almost impossible that he won't be. Expect Boston, and Montreal to make the best offers.

5.) Dominic Moore will be traded I don't know where but a source has told me that it really depends on what he gets done in tonights game.

This is all I have for now

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

BREAKING RUMOR: Antropov to Columbus for Filatov?

Talking to many sources right now and as we know rumors are just that, but I have just been emailed from a very credible source that the Leafs and Blue Jackets may have agreed to a deal that would see the Leafs get Nikita Filatov and CBJ's 1st ound pick in this years draft.

I will keep everyone posted

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UPDATE! While I have it on good authority that Antropov may end up in CBJ it won't be for this youngster, there is still talk of Leclaire but I think if the Leafs can even get a 1st out of Howson they should take it and run.