Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCabe and ????? to Florida for Van Ryn and Zednik?

So this is it according to Sportsnet Tuesday is the imfamous trade day for Bryan McCabe and from what I have heard it will indeed be Van Ryn and Zednik.

So all I want to ask is this! Is it a good trade for the Leafs?

In my opinion yes Zednik will be a good 2nd or 3rd liner on this team and could play well with a guy like Hagman. Also I think that bringing in Van Ryn and maybe putting him with Coliacovo would be a good mix. So like I said what do you guys think?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sundin to make announcement!

According to TSN tonight Darren Dreger will have a very important announcement concerning Mats Sundin. There are rumblings from my sources that Sundin could be returning to the Maple Leafs or retiring. I will keep everyone updated and I will post what Dreger says after SportsCenter tonight.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rumored deal is bigger!

Ok so the rumor that has been thrown around the last few weeks seems to have settled down!

But tonight however a source of mine has said that the return will be Mike Van Ryn and Richard Zednik the deal would save the Leafs 1.5 million in salary while the Panthers would take McCabe 5.75 million dollars onto there's.

There is no word on more players being involved from the Leafs side even though it has been speculated by many that Ponikarovsky to Antropov could be going back the other way.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

McCabe supposedly in Miami, Florida?

<------ Here is the supposed picture.

A fan of my website sent me a pick tonight of himself with Bryan McCabe in Miami bar now I've never been there so I don't know if this is really a bar there but if anyone recognizes this place please let me know.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Leafs sign Boumiedienne

Sorry not sure how to spell that not much to say it is a 1 year 2 way deal he had 42 pts in 56 games last year.

(The Sources take: Good depth signing if and when Carlo goes down to injury.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is Pavel Kubina Ready? And other choices!

With Pavel Kubinas trade deadline come and gone it looks like he may be set to become the Toronto Maple Leafs next captain.

I wanted to take this chance to talk about who you think will be the next Captain of Toronto and what part of there game makes them the best candidate. I will give you the choices and some of there career stats and you write in the comments about who you would pick and why.

D Pavel Kubina:
GP: 664
Goals: 83
Assists: 187
Points: 270
+/-: -87
1 Stanley Cup and is a great PP specialist has one of the most amazing shots in the NHL and can carry the minutes on most teams. Last year was a career year for Kubina I think he has to be one of the better choices for captain.

F Mark Bell:
GP: 445
Goals: 87
Assists: 95
Points: 182
+/-: -45
While Mark is still young he has one of the biggest hearts in the NHL and will go above and beyond for his team mates. He may be having some trouble with the law but he seems to have put that behind him. I think now that he has spent 1 year in Toronto and the pressure lifted from him I think he may have a better year this time around.

F Matt Stajan:
GP: 314
Goals: 56
Assists: 71
Points: 127
+/-: 5
This Kid is the heart and soul of the Toronto Maple Leafs plain and simple! While he is still young he is already the teams NHLPA rep and is respected throughout the dressing room. While I personally think he may still be a little green to be the captain of this team he really does show that he could do it if put upon him.

D Tomas Kaberle:
GP: 681
Goals: 69
Assists: 333
Points: 402
+/-: 51
What more can be said about one of the best Dmen in the league he is greatly under appreciated in the NHL and often gets looked over when it comes to the Norris Trophy. My personal opinion he is a little soft in his own end and really needs to take more shots on the PP. Look for him to get a serious look at when the captain is chosen.

F Jamal Mayers:
GP: 595
Goals: 71
Assists: 87
Points: 158
+/-: -78
Grit, Smash mouth, in your face style hockey is exactly what Mayers is all about he will flourish under Wilson and will relish in the fact that he is playing in his native Toronto. I think he would be a great choice for captain.

Anyways everyone these are my personal favorites and would love to see anyone of these guys take the reigns. While there may be some downsides to each and everyone of these players that shouldn't matter because they are all about the game and the heart that it takes to play it. If you think I left anyone off please feel free to add someone in the comments section.

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Maple Leafs Get There Man? And More McCabe Stuff

I just want to put this out that the Maple Leafs may have found there man and we didn't even notice. According to sources close to the team Joe Nieuwendyk will become the Toronto Maple Leafs general manager after this season.

It is believed by many that Cliff Fletcher will groom Joe into the role and Nieuwendyk will take over after this year. While I dislike the idea of another rookie GM at least they have a timetable to train the person who they feel is best for the job. Joe Nieuwendyk comes to Toronto with an impressive resume which includes a Stanley Cup and a very good knowledge of the sport. While this is unconfirmed many including the likes of Darren Dreger, Bob McKenzie, Nik Kypreos, Howard Berger have all said they feel that Joe will take the role when Fletchers contract expires and that he will be something the Leafs have needed for a long time someone with hockey sense.

Moving on now I know this has been said 1,000,000 times but word on the street is the deal that was said to be happening is getting bigger! Now by no means does this mean it will happen but I truly feel that this could get Bouwmeester into Toronto if Fletcher wants him bad enough and word out tonight is that he does.

The rumored deal that is reportedly being thrown around is this:

To Toronto: D Jay Bouwmeester, F Richard Zednik

To Florida: D Bryan McCabe, D Ian White, F Alexei Ponikarovsky


So please take it as such.

(The Sources Take:Now me personaly I like the trade it does at first seem a little steep but I think its better than giving up a 1st especially if the return is Bouwmeester. With the Nieuwendyk situation I like it better that bringing on Brian Burke who has a big mouth and really needs to settle that whole thing with Lowe down.)