Monday, August 24, 2009

Burke Looking For A Trade?

I do appologize for the lack of updates latley but simply put there is nothing going on right now this close to training camp.

But I do have one significant piece of info that I got the other day from a reader, he said that Brian Burke was on theFan590 (Which is true I checked) and said the Leafs have a trade in place for a top 6 forward and they are mulling it over at this time, now I have heard the Marleau rumors but put nothing to them.

I asked a few sources what they thought and they alll said the same thing "Look West" could that mean a deal is imminent for the services of Patrick Marleau I don't know and I certainley wouldn't get to excited either as there have been Marleau rumors going back to last year, as we all know none of them panned out.

I will dig around some more and see what I can do for you guys, I truly feel something is up with Burke.

The Source


TOSKALA said...

write more!
i love your articles!
i check every hour!
just say any rumor!

The Source said...

Unlike some other people I don't like to make stuff up! lol!