Monday, October 26, 2009

LeafsVS Ducks (6-3)

Will the Leafs finally get out of there slump tonight? Will Jonas Gustavsson give a game stealing performance? If The Leafs lose again will there finally be a bit of player movement? Lots of questions surrounding the Leafs and from what I am hearing the latter question may be answered as soon as tomorrow.

1st Period:OH MY GOD!! The Leafs are finally taking a lead into a new period........My question is where have these leafs been this season? Awesome goaltending, and great special teams have contributed to a solid effort by the Leafs so far.

Toronto Goals: #84 Mikhail Grabovski
#9 Niklas Hagman

Anaheim Goals: #17 Petteri Nokelainen

2nd Period: Besides one sloppy penalty by Orr this was also a solid period for the Leafs, Gustavsson has made 2 "HUGE" saves in this game and continues to look very strong. Hagman, and Stempniak are the Leafs best players after Gustavsson and I really hope this is a sign of better things to come.

Toronto Goals: #9 Niklas Hagman

Anaheim Goals: #9 Bobby Ryan

3rd Period: Hagman was brilliant, and so was Kaberle, Stempniak, and Gustavsson.......The Leafs were finally the team Burke was hoping they would be in this one. Now off to Dallas lets hope we keep it going.

Toronto Goals: #12 Lee Stempniak
#15 Tomas Kaberle
#9 Niklas Hagman

Anaheim Goals: #10 Corey Perry

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