Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lightning VS Leafs (2-1)

AND HERE WE GO! Tonight is the night Leaf fans have been waiting for all month the debut of Phil Kessel, not only will they get to see that but also the exceptional play of Jonas Gustavsson who will make the start tonight. Should be a good game.

1st Period: AHHHHHH!!! Man was that close I think my heart leaped out of my chest after the hit to Kessel and I thought he had a concussion for sure. Gustavsson looks really solid as well. I think Kessel is maybe trying to hard to do more than he should on his 1st night out with the Leafs.

Toronto Goals: No Scoring

Tampa Goals: No Scoring

2nd Period: That's a shame the Leafs truly have been the better team in this game and they should be up but Nittymaki is having himself some kind of night. Kessel is buzzing all around and can't seem to buy one tonight. Bad luck rebound on Lecavalier's goal, just kind of went off Gustavsson and right to Vinny. The Leafs have had plenty of PP and they need to start burning the Lightning!

Toronto Goals: No Scoring

Tampa Goals: #4 Vincent Lecavalier

3rd Period: Great 3rd for the Leafs, they played strong and really came out hard. Kessel had so many oppurtunities to score but couldn't bury one by Nittymaki. I'm sure with time he will get stronger.

Toronto Goals: #7 Ian White

Tampa Goals: No Scoring

Overtime: 4th straight OT 4th straight loss in OT, were getting points but we need some wins and 2 pts. It seems every game the Leafs have played lately they run into a HOT goalie! That goal was very shifty to say the least the net was off and Malone ran Gustavsson. When it comes to calls the Leafs just don't seem to be getting them. But it also doesn't help that this team had 8 PP's and couldn't pot a goal.

Tampa Goal: #12 Ryan Malone

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